Frequently Asked Questions

What is the commitment?
No commitment. Cancel anytime.
What does My Digital Media Blog cost?

$47.00 per month. How much is saving 30 hours per month worth to you? If you make $50/hour, you will save $1500.00 per month.

How often do I receive content?
My Digital Media Blog creates content for you 7 days a week. Post to social media on whatever days that you choose. Never miss a day to connect with your clients and prospects.
What kind of support will I receive?

You will receive support 7 days per week from 10-8 EST.

What about training?

We offer both video and live trainings.

Can you auto-post to my social media?
Many social media have changed their 3rd party, auto-posting rules. We look at each social media on a case by case basis. Most social media will allow you to post links that will then auto-populate the picture and blog intro for you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
How do I get the content to my social media?

We email you a link daily that you can use to copy and paste content to your social media.

What if I am not completely satisfied?
My Digital Media Blog has a 30 day, money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied within the first 30 days, we’ll refund both your first month and your set-up fee. Cancel at any time. No commitment!
Feature: Daily posts.
Benefits: Connecting with your clients.
Feature: Social media content.
Benefits: creating leads while you sleep.
What social media can I post too?

You can post to Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter with the touch of a button. Many others are compatible. 

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